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Mobility & Flexibility

Personal Training

Core Strengthening

Strenghtening & Conditioning

Stroke Rehabilitation

Sports Massage


Sports Massage

Sports massage is usually use as a prevention to injury. Also, it is use to repair torn and damage to muscles and ligaments. Speeds up the recovery of muscular injuries, speeds up the recovery in between trainings. Also, it prevents injuries especially for endurance athletes and for all overuse activities.

It can also be used for the general public who have any muscular stiffness and pain.


Stroke Rehab

Stroke qualified instructor since 2013,have 5 years, experience working with stroke survivors many of my stroke clients come with all sorts of disability’s.

Most common issues are drop foot, drop shoulder, claw hands, painful stiff joints.

When you came to see as we do assessment on your movement ability in task related movement:

Griping & holding objects like a cup

Brushing teeth

Opening & closing doors

Standing & sitting

Doing up shirt buttons

Going down to the floor & getting up from the floor We put together a programme which most suited and tailored to your goals & needs.

MY philosophy with stroke survivors is we treat them as a Athlete because just like stroke survivor, they are both looking for better movement.

Stroke rehab is continuously being researched I am a member of ARNI who work closely with National hospital for Neurology and Neuro-Rehab in Queens square.

We often go down to Queens square for update and lectures from professors and doctors.


Strengthening and Conditioning

I am strengthening and conditioning coach with a strengthening and conditioning education qualification. I have 2 years’ experience working with football players.

Strengthening and conditioning comes in many forms but one of the main aspects is sports performance. We use strengthening and conditioning to enhance speed, power and movements.

Strengthening and conditioning is also use in normal population to strengthen certain injuries and weaknesses such as bad backs, hip, knee and shoulder mobility to increase the range of movements which equals consistent progression in strength goals.

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Many of us invest in our retirement, but not many invest in health & fitness in older age.
Mobility and flexibility makes fitness more enjoyable, being pain free Makes it easier to reach your fitness goals and are more achievable

An Entirely Personalised Experience

All coaching services are tailored entirely to the individual – I work with each & every one of my clients on an individual basis. There are no cookie cutter meal plans or pre-made routines – everything is built from the ground up with your goals, current body composition, personal preferences, dieting history, time constraints & practicality in mind.

Some of my workouts Personal Training Sessions

Your Professional trainer

Paul Zarah is a professional fitness trainer and expert who has been at his game for over 2 decades and still counting. He specializes in fitness training that covers areas such as Cardio workouts, Strenghtening and Conditioning, Stroke Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients, Sports Massage, Personal Training and Mobility & Flexibility and he does cover all these areas very well.

Paul Zahra

Paul Zahra


Pt40PlusFitness is all about giving you quality training to improve on your physique, health and overall fitness.

We got over a decade of experience in the fitness industry and we can give you a super-duper fitness package you won’t find anywhere else.

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